Puerto Rico Travel Tips: Fun things to do most people don’t know about.


You’ve read about adventure, romantic getaways, beach bumming and Salsa dancing in Puerto Rico, but what else can you do when traveling to the island? Here’s our top three Puerto Rico Travel Tips, for super fun things to do most people don’t know about.


Puerto Rico has a high number of Sport’s fans. From soccer, to baseball to basketball, every season is much anticipated by each team’s followers. If you’re really into baseball, check the Professional Baseball League Roberto Clemente’s schedule and plan your trip around their big games.

Are you more into the NBA? Come for the BSN finals and enjoy basketball games with packed stadiums and a lot of passion for the sport. Puerto Rico Travel Tip #1: you can plan a road trip around the island considering the best BSN games. Ask a local sport’s fan for help or contact the League for help at [email protected]

Puerto Rico also has soccer games and volleyball tournaments. We even have Roller Derby! Team sports are a great way to get to know the local Puerto Rican culture.


Puerto Rico’s rich history attracts many art and architecture buffs.

Just in OLD SAN JUAN you can find many historic buildings like:

• San Juan’s Cathedral (1529)
• San Juan’s Cemetery (1863)
• The Capitol (1929)
• Cuartel de Ballajá (1854)
• Plaza de Armas (16th century)

Puerto Rico Travel Tip #2: Outside of the San Juan area, you can find interesting history and architecture in municipalities like:


• Serrallés Castle (1930)
• El Vigía
• Ponce’s Cathedral (1835)
• La Guancha
• Parque de Bombas (1883)
• La Perla Theather (19th century)


• Bacardi Distillery (1936)

And many more! Other cities to keep on your radar: Mayagüez, Cayey and San Germán.


Puerto Rico Travel Tip #3: Explore the island with a rush of adrenaline by going mountain biking! Start at Guanica’s Dry Forest or Cambalache in Arecibo or maybe even go as far as Cabo Rojo. If you prefer easier trails, go for the lineal parks in Bayamón, San Juan  or Isabela.