Take these precautions against Zika in Puerto Rico.

It is important that when vacationing, you know the details of diseases or viruses that can be found in the place you’re visiting. The truth is that there is no cause for alarm, as long as you are aware of the effects, precautions and information from reliable sources. At the time, according to statistics from the Department of Health of Puerto Rico they have only confirmed 54 cases of Zika in Puerto Rico and have not reported any deaths.

Here are the four precautions you should consider during your stay in the island:

by My Puerto Rico Experience

    1. Use insect repellent.The Zika is a virus that is transmitted through the mosquito Aedes Aegypti. If you will be spending time on the beach or visiting some forests in the island, you should use mosquito repellent
    2. Use long-sleeved shirts and long pants in mountainous areas.If you’re visiting forests as El Yunque, Guánica Dry Forest or other mountainous places you should use this type of clothing to avoid mosquito bites
      1. Use mosquito nets and wire mesh.If you’re planning to camp on the beach or a mountain, use a wire mesh or nets to prevent insect bites and mosquitoes.
      2. Avoid being close to ponding water.The mosquito that transmits the virus, lives in places where water wells up. If you’re visiting caves and lagoons, you must wear appropriate clothing that covers your whole body, in addition to always using mosquito repellent.

Other highlights:

      • • Compared with other viruses, the clinical picture of Zika is mild.
      • • The mosquito bites during the day and evening.
      • • Acute symptoms resolve within 4-7 days.
      • • It is characterized by acute fever.