If you’re planning a weekend getaway (2-3 nights) in Puerto Rico, make sure you take the basics to have a great time. Rain, sun, active or passive lifestyle, these are the essential items you’ll need for Puerto Rico.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

1.) Comfortable, cool clothes

Puerto Ricans can do t-shirts and jeans in a 95 degree weather, but if you’re used to a much cooler climate, anything other than shorts and tees will make you wish you’d traveled to Antarctica instead. Make sure you also carry sunglasses and a hat or two, since the sun can be pretty unforgiving especially during midday.

2.) Beach gear

Other than the obvious bathing suit and towels, going to the beach can be fantastic in the Caribbean. When wondering what to pack for Puerto Rico, start by traveling with beginner’s snorkeling gear (perfect for little ones) and beach games like rackets, sand toys and other beach gear, such as a collapsible cooler. Don’t forget your sunblock!

3.) Basic first aid kit

Even though you can find a pharmacy pretty much on every corner of the island (and we do mean every corner), carrying your own set of “just in case” medication will be ideal in case of an unexpected illness during inconvenient hours. A good mix of ibuprofen, antihistamines and medication for an upset stomach will suffice. Also, keep handy a list of your closest emergency services to ease your mind.

4.) Grooming and beauty tools

Many hotels in the island have their own blow dryer, shampoos and conditioners but most of the time, they’re generic and don’t always work the way you expect them too. To avoid mishaps and bad hair days, pack for Puerto Rico the beauty essentials you can’t live without. If planning to spend a lot of time at the beach, pack a good hair product to repair heat and salt water damage.

5.) An extra travel bag for souvenirs

Shopping is big in Puerto Rico. Besides fancy malls like Plaza Las Américas and The Mall of San Juan, there are a ton of local businesses that have unique offerings you can dig into once in Puerto Rico. Make sure you have enough room in your bag (or an extra one for that matter) to carry home all the souvenirs you buy for yourself and your loved ones.