We’ve already covered all the obvious items you should pack to Puerto Rico from beach gear (bathing suits, sunblock and sandals), to light clothes (Shorts, shorts, shorts! Hats and sunglasses) to mosquito repellent.

But what are three items you should definitely bring to Puerto Rico but may skip and regret?

by My Puerto Rico Experience

1.) Rain poncho

Puerto Rico’s weather is moody and since it’s a tropical island, it can rain often at times. The wettest month tends to be August, but even during summer an impromptu tropical wave may provoke more rain than expected. Instead of feeling sad because you missed the clearer days, bring your poncho to Puerto Rico and go with the flow. Places like El Yunque, Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest, or river trails are doable if the rain is light and the weather forecast stable. Just remember, if you’re near a waterfall or river during rainy season, watch out for the notorious “golpe de agua”. This dangerous natural occurrence happens when large quantities of rain come down the mountains, usually in a matter of seconds, and overflow the rivers.

2.) Hand or electric fan

The humidity of the island can discourage even the most happy traveler. Besides your water bottle, you should bring to Puerto Rico a hand held fan in case you experience a rise in hot temperatures, and need cooling off. Sounds simple, but can make a huge difference when walking up and down Old San Juan.

3.) Hiking boots

Many tourists travel to Puerto Rico for some down time and the beach, but a trip to the mountains is surely something you should experience in our tropical island. El Yunque, the rainforest we mentioned earlier, is a maginificent hiking ground where you can explore Puerto Rico’s diverse fauna and flora. If you plan to walk for long hours, instead of sneakers, bring hiking boots for the muddy patches or in case it rains. A change of clothes, bathing suit and sandals are also recommended if you want to bathe in its rivers.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Lao Tzu

Important Puerto Rico travel tip: Remember, each journey is different and everyone travels for different reasons, so adjust your “what to bring to Puerto Rico” list according to your needs and don’t forget your camera! Cash is great too, for street vendors and kiosks. Happy travels!