Sometimes, I just need a vacation. Even if I “don’t have enough money” or “have other priorities first”, if I really want to travel, I’ll make it happen. It turns out that most places have secrets from the locals that can save you a lot of money and provide first class food, drinks and entertainment. Here’s how to Travel Puerto Rico on a Shoestring Budget.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Where to drink on a shoestring budget?

Flavored ice or Limber

This is one of Old San Juan’s best-kept secrets. An unmarked apartment building only gives away its location when you see the iron gate, right in front of La Plaza de la Rogativa. Call out to Eddie who will let you know the flavors of the day. It has been located at Caleta de las Monjas 9, for over 40 years. Cost of the limber? 75¢.

$1 Shots

If you’re looking for cheap ways to get your party started, go to Los 3 Cuernos bar on Old San Juan’s Plaza de Colón and order chichaítos. This rum-and-anise mixture is a traditional drink in Puerto Rico and served by the shot, by the half-pint, or paired with a six-pack of local Medalla beer. Look for it on Calle San Francisco 403.

Coffee Time

Order un expreso (black coffee), a cortadito (just a touch of milk), or a sort of latte in a café con leche at Caficultura near Plaza de Colón. Coffee starts from $2.50 on Calle San Francisco 401.

What to do on a shoestring budget?

Kite Runners

A (not so) secret museum

Look for the Banco Popular skyscraper and head on to the 3rd floor. There’s a museum! Learn about the island; explore coffee plantations and a 38-foot scalemodel of the old city. Located at Calle Tetuán 206, 787/722-7389, Tues.–Sun. 10 a.m.–5 p.m., free entrance.

The Kite Runners

Saturdays and Sundays are perfect for some kite flying adventures with the whole family at El Morro. Bring your own or buy one at the hot dog/candy stand nearby. Kites start from $3.50.

Food For Thought?

The Mercado Agrícola Natural del Viejo San Juan, is the old city’s first organic farmers market. Discover delicious freshly baked breads, tropical fruits and organically raised produce at Norzagaray 150, every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.