I love everything about Puerto Rico, especially San Juan, its capital. It’s a fun, dense metropolis with an overexposure of street art everywhere. On a daily basis, when I’m wandering around the city on wheels or by feet, I get an amusing visual experience with all the diverse urban art pieces in old or new structures, plazas, bridges and sidewalks. From fine artsy museums like MAPR or MAC to new residential buildings like Ciudadela, here the walls are used as canvas. For me, San Juan definitely screams creativity all over. Some of the street art movement pieces make San Juan effervescent!

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Even traffic is fun. On a normal day from my apartment to work, I get to appreciate very large-scale murals in Santurce. I ponder over how our local talents paint them. Artists like Sofia Maldonado, V de Vergara, La Pandilla, Morivi, Patricia Esperanza, Bikismo, Ana Maria, Damaris Cruz – creative minds – to whom I am thankful for alluring me with eye candy during an 8am rush-hour traffic jam.

Colorful abstract schemes, gracious caricatures, portraits, geometric graphics and shapes are some of the themes I see in Ponce de León and Fernandez Juncos Avenue. Two main arteries in the metropolitan area I use every day to get by. Definitely my favorite pastime while in the car: urban art seeing, a must if going to Puerto Rico.