Get this, my best friend got married last month and it was almost like “The Hangover” movie, except we didn’t miss our flight or ended up with a strange baby. My little brother had just turned 21 so we wanted to drink a lot of booze, meet hot chicks and give my friend a weekend he would never forget.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

We wanted massive bling so we stayed at La Concha, in the Suite Tower. They gave us an optional connecting Tower Suite Room to create a Two Bedroom Suite, which was more than enough space for the four of us. The rooms were INSANE.

Our plan was to go to Casino del Mar and spend a couple of G’s to earn even more money. Lucky for us, the drinks are on the house while you’re gambling and they even bring sandwiches!

We only like to play when the casinos are really busy, which was the case. It was packed! The locals were the most serious people and they were hogging the slot machines that frankly, we didn’t care for.

First we went for Black Jack and the bonus really paid off! We got paid out 9 times our extra bet because we flushed. We cashed out our winnings and went to play Craps. There was a group of Venezuelan girls… WOW. We barely understood their Spanish but they were so hot and winning. I couldn’t decide if I should look at the table or at them. Not that we’re stalkers or anything, but we followed them to the Roulette table. To be fair, one of them looked at us and said “¡Vámonos!” pointing to the Roulette. SCORE!

My little brother started losing at that table, probably because he was too busy hitting on the Venezuelans, so since they weren’t really paying attention to us anymore I suggested we hitch a ride to Casino del Sol at Courtyard by Marriott in San Juan. When we got there I started to feel a bit drunk and lucky, so I went for the slot machines that looked really cool.

I don’t really know what happened but we won! Our friend that was getting married started yelling at the top of his lungs “Show me the money! Show me the money!” and spitting all over my face. It was hilarious and also disgusting.

At this point of the night I really lost track of time. We gambled for a while more, hitched a cab back to Condado and that’s all I remember. We woke up at noon the next day with a solid headache, broke and rested, because those beds are amazing hangover healers. Money well spent at la Concha in P.R. Best weekend of our lives so far!