I don’t know why I didn’t write a review before, but here it goes. My three girlfriends and I wanted to travel for a long weekend. We were looking for a new party scene. So, we started Googling about Miami and Puerto Rico (we wanted some place warm with a tropical feeling – and no passport required).

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Convenience was our main concern when booking our hotel in Puerto Rico, so we decided to book three nights at El Convento in Old San Juan. It’s located at this quaint little neighborhood where you can walk anywhere (no need for cars or taxis). There are no resorts in Old San Juan, but El Convento felt like a world apart. We also heard the nightlife around it was awesome and it didn’t disappoint.

Our intention was to go find places on our own, we didn’t want to end up in some tourist trap. We started the night at La Factoría, a bar that locals love. It was crowded (hot Puerto Rican guys alert!). This bar was perfect! It was recently named as one of the World’s best 50 bars and we quickly figured out why. The drinks were really good! I had a Lavender Mule artisan cocktail and got hooked on immediately. We spent most of the time on the 4th room (it’s like four bars in one). It had a little dance floor and they played from local music to songs I listen to back home. Incredible awesome vibe!

We left the bar around 1:30 a.m. We were cracking up the whole time. Seeing my friend Brianna walk on the cobblestone streets with high heels was social media worthy. Two local young women and a guy also laughed (but in a super friendly way). They even helped us get to the other bar we were looking for. They spoke perfect English and were the coolest!

When we arrived at Nuyorican Café, the dance floor was packed. It’s small, but the live salsa band was great. It’s definitely the place to go to experience the local atmosphere. The band was really good and energetic. On the night we went, all of the guys that asked me to dance were amazing dancers.

One of my friends was into one of the Puerto Rican guys we met there, so we decided to go with them to another bar: One Bar. It’s THE place to go if you are into electronic music. They had a drum & bass DJ from London playing that night: Cyantific. It’s an awesome place to go dancing like crazy! We left at 5:00 a.m. When we walked back to El Convento hotel, birds were chirping and our comfy bed was waiting!

If you’re in the mood to party while in Puerto Rico, you must go to these places, and also Funky Buddha and La Respuesta (both are like 10-15 minutes away, on taxi). Puerto Ricans are super fun and really know how to party (and, you can dance your butt off like no one’s watching).