The first thing we felt when we got to Guánica’s Dry Forest was the heat, but we came prepared with plenty of water and UV protection. The unique biosphere let us enjoy a dry and different fauna and flora, Puerto Rico ecotourism at its finest. We got to see mountains, beaches and desert-like sceneries. The hike lasted for a couple of hours.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Two of the most enchanting spots were:

Fort Caprón

A tower with a 360 panoramic view that virtually covers all of Guánica! I could even see parts of other towns and nearby islands. The breeze counteracted the hot air and the sunny sky made the day even more unforgettable.

Dry Forest Cave

Hiking across the forest we encountered a really neat cave with a Taíno petroglyph. It had water at the bottom and a mystic vibe. When we closed our eyes, we could almost see Taínos using the cave as their home. This was one of our favorite memories of going to Puerto Rico.