After traveling to San Juan, Puerto Rico for an accounting convention, I can definitely say that Earth without art is just “eh”. Of course my “artsy” experience during my trip to Puerto Rico had nothing to do with the accounting part of the story. After continuous hours of hearing about numbers and economics, I met this really cool CPA – a collector of modern contemporary art – at one of the cocktails of the convention. We talked for a while and he invited me to a night of gallery detour near the hotel in Condado. It was great! To my surprise, he was an art-connoisseur with a specialty in contemporary local art and everything about puerto rico!

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Our first stop was a bright white space in the middle of La 18, called Roberto Paradise, where artist Jose “Bubu” Negrón was having an exposition of his latest work: Abstracción de cartón y carnaval. Abstract and colorful, I would say, there were thousands of dots painted over Medalla boxes. It was interesting because he used beer boxes as canvas, what others would consider trash. People there were nice, funny, down to earth and kind of hipster looking. “The art scene here is filled with innovation”, they said and now I know why. While we were there, my new art-connoisseur friend started talking to someone. When he introduces himself, his name is Melvin Martinez, a very well-known contemporary artist.

We ended up in his studio talking about art right now and his crazy, colorful paintings, which I loved. The night turned into a day of learning from very interesting artistic people to whom I am thankful and lucky to have met. This was one of my favorite nights in the Island, where art met nighttime fun!

In conclusion, San Juan’s modern / contemporary art scene is very hip and avant-garde, I dare say, and must be experienced if going to Puerto Rico. From galleries in the middle of avenues with amazing modern art to recognized museums and art expos, you can see that San Juan has a lot of talent for the world to experience.