After having some delicious wine and tapas at Bar Gitano with my friends, we began walking down the Ashford strip to check out the clubs in Puerto Rico before returning to La Concha, our hotel. We first stopped at Di Zucchero, drawn in by the ambience, and went straight up to the terrace on the second floor. The indoor spacious bar with a dance floor space called out to us, then we moved to the outdoor terrace with a front row view of Ashford Avenue, and we spent that first hour sipping drinks outside. Around 11:30pm the DJ went up and created an exciting lounge atmosphere that raised our buzz. The night was ours!

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Past midnight, we kept on looking around Condado for another spot. A local friend told us about this cool party happening on the rooftop of Condal Restaurant in Magdalena St. We went to the party and it was totally packed. We spent around half hour there; it was a decent party but the vibe was too mellow for our taste. Even though the venue itself was awesome, we kept on looking for a better option.

It was almost 3:00am, so we only had a last magic stop in mind. When we passed right in front of La Concha, the lobby was in its peak. Why not have the last drinks of the night in the lobby of our own hotel? The crowd was perfect; people around their late 20’s and 30’s, a lot of European and American tourists and locals. The volume of the music was also enjoyable – not so low that we couldn’t groove and not so loud that we couldn’t chat. The party ended around 4:15am; more than enough for us to call it a night!