City life sucks the life out of me. Period. I love my job but when said job is combined with insane snowstorms, the polar vortex and shorter hours of sunlight, it’s time for me to pack my bags! My sister and I wanted nightlife too and decided to take a trip to Puerto Rico, specifically to the Condado District.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

Our hotel, Doubletree by Hilton in San Juan, was ten minutes away from the airport, everything is brand new and the staff is super cool! I loved the fact that there was a huge supermarket across the hotel and a great street (Loíza) to find amazing food and boutiques.

We wanted relaxing beaches without the surfing and paddle boarding crowds, so we visited mostly Blue Flag Beaches. These beaches are recognized for their impeccable water and tidy facilities (showers, restrooms and other amenities).

The hotel staff encouraged us to drive East and visit some of the Blue Flag Beaches on that side, including Vieques. An amazing idea for intense beach bumming and tanning.

First beach we visited was La Monserrate in Luquillo. Most people just know it as Luquillo Beach. It wasn’t crowded and the surroundings were super clean and peaceful. The turquoise water took my breath away. I’m so glad we decided to pay the entrance, because the other side of the beach (the free side) didn’t look as neat. The kiosks had great variety and the sun did an excellent job as my first tanning salon!

Second beach we went to was Seven Seas in Fajardo. This one was a lot more crowded than the Luquillo Beach. Oddly enough we didn’t mind the crowd, since it was entertaining to see everyone enjoying the day with their families, and they mostly kept to themselves. We saw people hiking with snorkeling gear and decided to follow a couple, and arrived at Colora beach, off the hidden path.

It was a secret paradise for us! There were warning signs about swimming but since we only wanted to relax and get tanned, this didn’t apply to us. It was pretty isolated but there were other locals around. I wouldn’t hang out at this beach if it were too desolate. Locals warned us that sometimes people hide behind the mango groves and steal your valuables if you go for a swim. That information kind of creeped us out a little, but we decided to stay anyways because we weren’t going to swim or leave our things behind.

We stayed the night in Fajardo and called ahead to reserve our tickets for the Vieques Ferry. The last Blue Flag Beach we went to was SunBay Beach in Vieques. The ferry was OK but motion sickness wasn’t. The beach was so worth it though! The water was so clean and it had a rich variety of safe marine life. There were also a lot of wild horses hanging around and my sister loved whenever they approached us. This one was our favorite.