Loíza Street has converted into an emerging cot of new culinary, art, music and entertainment proposals. Its high architectural value, the richness in color and its people make up the “barrio” atmosphere of this San Juan, also nicknamed by locals as “la Loíza”. This is why I decided to take my best friends for a night out in the town while going to Puerto Rico last Summer. Our hotel of choice? La Concha. In addition to being trendy and sophisticated, it was a short cab ride away and packed with all the luxury we wanted.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

To explore the life that echoes among this friendly 1.5 mile stretch, we went by foot during the night to one of the first bars you encounter on this street known as Funky Buddha. As we entered the bar, we were welcomed by a great spectacle of colors, people, dancers and electro dance music. The ambiance was perfect to start off the night!

What I loved the most about that bar is the hooka lounge area they have to sit back and chill with friends. My friends and I danced, smoked hookah, had very nice cocktails and said hello to our next adventure, boricua style.

El Bar Bero was our next stop for that night! We saw from afar a cool shop that at first looked like a barber shop, and as we approached the entrance, we realized it was a hip bar inside. We all said “Awesome, let’s go”, and inside the decor was phenomenal, so cool and young-hipster looking. The bar was not full to capacity so it was a perfect chill moment for us.

What would I recommend you try at this bar? Liquor Infusions served in flasks! Oh my God, what a delicious experience that was. They have a wide variety of curated flavors you can try for very moderate prices. We had the guava flavored and the coconut flavored infusions. After those, the night just got better! Definitely a Craft Cocktails bar you shouldn’t miss with over 40 unique cocktails to choose from.

Next stop, a cool place to get those munchies down. We went further down the street, up to, Si No Corre Me Pizza, a small pizzeria restaurant. We paired our pizza with craft beers from around the world. The food was amazing and so was the atmosphere.

There’s also another cool spot to eat called “El Rex”, a mexican cantina bar, where you can enjoy outdoor seating and zip cocktails with your nachos or supreme burritos. Pretty nice! Make sure to ask for their delicious and savory coconut hot sauce.

To end the night on a right note, we went over to The Plan B, which had karaoke that night, and well, we just had to join the fun.

The Plan B is a very conventional night bar, and it was packed when we got there! Definitely the highlight of the night for us because we met cool people, had great beers and cocktails, and made some new friends while at karaoke.

I must say the nightlife and restaurant scene of “la Loíza” are one of the best in town, so going down for dinner with friends before heading to bar hop among the local bars is for sure a pretty exciting and fun plan for the night. I highly recommend anyone to go check it out while staying at La Concha!