Ever since I met my boyfriend, he has been talking about the bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. He went with his parents when he was only a teenager, and was dreaming of going back and taking me with him.

His dream came true a couple of weeks ago and my life has changed after this experience. We went on a trip to Puerto Rico with a friend and her girlfriend. All four of us were blown away. It was mesmerizing!

by My Puerto Rico Experience

There are 3 bio bays in the island (out of the approx. 9 in the entire world!). We visited 2 of them!

We stayed in Vieques for a couple of days, an island of Puerto Rico near the Northeastern coast, to see another bio bay. I’ve got to say: Mosquito Bay is amazing. We took an 8-hour tour that included everything from kayaking to snorkeling in the reef. We were told this bay contains up to 720,000 single-celled bioluminescent dinoflagellates per gallon of water, which is impressive. It was fun, adventurous and romantic. You get all this in only one experience.

On our quest to see the second bio bay of the island, we traveled to La Parguera. This small fishing village is located at the Southwest part of Puerto Rico. Call us crazy, but we traveled east to west hunting for bioluminiscence.

This one is not as bright as the other bio bay. It has the least number of dynoflagellates, but it still glows. The experience was totally different from the other, but we’re happy we got to see it. Two divers swam in the glowing water (movement in the water agitates the microorganisms and causes them to light up). They brought buckets of water to the boat, and we got to touch it and see the dinoflagellates float. This is the perfect tour if you’re traveling with young kids or older adults. It’s fun, safe and you don’t get wet at all.

After the boat ride, we were so excited that we stayed for a while at the local restaurants and bars in La Parguera. There were a few vendors selling things like jewelry and novelties, and a couple of restaurants to choose from. We had some local fritters, tried Sangría Coño and Medalla (the local beer). And, ended the night playing pool at a bar, and dancing at the local square where there was a live reggae band. We loved La Parguera!

For the rest of our vacations we took a room in Copamarina in Guánica (close to La Parguera) to get some rest and go hike the dry forest. This is the best beach resort in Puerto Rico as far as I’m concerned. It’s beautiful, relaxing and so romantic!

In my opinion, the kayaking and overall experience is better in Vieques. (Well, I’m biased… My boyfriend proposed to me there!) But trust me, you won’t be disappointed in the other bio bay.

I can’t thank my boyfriend enough for taking me there. I had the best time of my life! Can’t wait to go back and visit the bio bay in Fajardo.

Make sure to have it on your bucket-list!