I’ve being wanting to scuba dive again for the past 10 years, but duties kept putting off my plans. So when my 27-year-old daughter and I planned a trip to Puerto Rico, we knew this was the perfect timing. We are both PADI certified and she’s also a digital underwater photographer. We have dived many times in other countries (especially my daughter), but never in the Caribbean.

by My Puerto Rico Experience

I Googled looking for the best diving spots and hotel in Puerto Rico. Copamarina had many great reviews saying it was the most relaxing beach resort in Puerto Rico. It’s off the southwest coast (in Guánica) and on the coastline that parallels to what the locals call “La Pared” (the wall), a 20-mile long underwater trench with a variety of marine life. And, the resort looked beautiful and comfortable. We’re so pleased we went there!

We booked our diving tour on the phone. We arrived just after sunset, so the morning after, we left Copamarina’s dock on Captain Rivera’s boat. He was great and very professional.

He took us to two of the 12 diving sites (or so) of this area. We saw tropical fishes, an Atlantic spadefish, two turtles, very bright corals and a beautiful Moray eel. The visibility was great – like 100 feet. On the second site we saw a dolphin pod jumping to locate food. It was amazing!

The day after, we went for a night dive to a site called “The Pozas”, an island reef. We saw lots of Grunts, Nurse sharks and other nocturnal creatures. It’s a different experience when you dive at night – totally worth it. It can get a little cold. I suggest you bring a 3mm full if you have a natural tendency to be cold.

We met a couple from Boston on the night dive. They recommended us to go to La Parguera, a small fishing village near Copamarina. We booked the Bio-Bay Parguera with Sunset Snorkel tour. We snorkeled around the reef then headed out to the bio-bay. The microorganisms glow in the dark when the water is disturbed by oxygen. It was spectacular! (Try to visit on a new moon.)

On our last day of our stay in Copamarina, we had breakfast at Las Palmas. The service was great. We talked to the server (can’t remember his name right now), who suggested to snorkel at “El Jabón” (the soap) near the hotel’s beach.

Since it was our last day, we decided to skip the massage. It was one of the best decisions we made! We saw a manatee’s herd. A mother and its calf, and two more of medium size each. I didn’t think we were going to meet this precious animal before leaving.

When we got back to Chicago, I felt so alive. It was a life-changing experience. Puerto Rico is a virgin and unspoiled diving site.

Highly recommended!